24h in Barcelona

41°22'17.4"N 2°09'59.2"E
Barcelona, Spain

With warm summer winds and long bright nights, Barcelona in June is a vibrant time to visit the city. We visited the city for a brief 4 day stop and have compiled a favourite hit list for anyone here for a short stop.



Stay: Hotel Brummell.

We set up camp in the west side of town in a quiet, less known to tourists part of Barcelona called El Poble-Sec. Well, less known than La-Rambla anyway.
This small 20 room hotel was exactly what we needed for the stay. Beautiful outdoor spaces, walking distance to everything we needed and finished with all the little design details we, and you have come to expect from a 4 star design focused hotel.

Our room was the mountain-facing deluxe room that was more than enough for the two of us. With a large bed, and the best damn pillows we have had on the trip, a work desk for some quick emails or make-up-touch-ups and a couch to (let’s face it) tearing your suitcase a part looking for that other loafer.

This hotel made our trip to Barcelona so good that we decided not to leave the hotel for the last 24hours to soak up all the Brummell goodness before we left.


Eat: La Pubilla.

Nestled in Gracia, the less visited neighbourhood - you will find probably one of our favourite restaurants globally. La Pubilla, isn’t going to win awards for its design, fit-out or any wizz-bang fancy restaurant tricks you’ll find on Chef table, but it will win every award for where it matters - the food, and the experience.

Located next to the local market, the chefs at La Pubilla create a new menu each day with what is fresh, and available for the day from the market that’s literally 10 meters away. There is 3 sittings. 1pm-2pm-3pm and a set menu with a few choices. You can choose from 3 entrees, 3 mains and 3 deserts. Simple. Fresh. Delicious.

Oh, and you get a wine or beer with that too - all for 16E .


TMRW - Whats next for Spacebound?

NK - At the moment we’re focusing heavily on bringing a lot more brands to the store, which we’re really excited about – some labels you will have heard of, and a bunch that will hopefully be there first time people have heard of them in AUS. 

JS - Yep, real excited for that! We’re constantly working on new products and projects. We have some exciting things in the pipeline over the next year for both the Store and Label, so keep an eye out.


TMRW - Sometimes it's hard to get into the groove both creatively and physically - What is your go to top 5 songs to get the wheels spinning?

JS - Currently listening to Vince Staples new Album, loving “7:45”! Damn this is hard, but today lets go with:

  • NxWorries - Droogs

  • Billy Davis - Ball and Chain (Melb)

  • Nyuon - Your City (Melb)

  • 2 Chainz - It’s a Vibe

  • GoldLink - Crew


TMRW - Finally, what's your poison? it's our shout next!

SB - Got to send love to the local crew at Sample Brew, also from The 66 (Collingwood)


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