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In store with Christian Kimber

-37.799064, 144.983833
Christian Kimber Flagship. Fitzroy, Australia.

Great customer service is something that seems so simple. But as we all know, it is often forgotten from the retail experience... except if you visit the Christian Kimber flagship store. From the moment you arrive you are greeted in a way to make you feel like you have met the sales assistant on some night out and you just cant quite put your finger on when. You wouldn't be the only person to think like this, but you haven't met - they are just super nice.

From the moment you arrive, You are greeted with a warm welcome followed by a deep understanding of the products in front. Made in Tuscany, Italy and designed in Melbourne everything has been considered to keep your feet both comfortable and the envy of the office and the streets. Meeting Christian you are immediately struck by an immense sense of style which can only be described as something between a 1940's artist with a mix of the latest skate influence complete with coffee in hand and another on for you.

We sat down with Christian to talk the store, the process and whats next for Christian Kimber.


Make sure you listen to the track we have selected that remind us of shopping with Christian! J+M