Greene St. Juice Co Flagship Store.

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Greene St. Juice Co, Prahran Melbourne Australia.

Its not everyday you find a corner juice shop that has the ability to not only make you feel good, but to also make you think you're in Soho - And thats exactly what Greene St juice Co does. Situated on a busy corner in Prahran, Melbourne, the space is encased by two full wall length windows allowing the beautiful sunshine to accent the finishes that lay inside. White marble counter tops and rich timber accents frame the glass bottled juices while green ferns, palms and succulents breathe life into the urban environment.

Designed by Travis Walton Architects it is no surprise that it's list of awards continues to grow. 

2015 RetailWeek Interior Awards – International Store of the Year – Winner
2015 Eat-Drink Design Awards – Best Retail Design: Finalist
2015 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards – Commercial: Finalist
2015 Australian Interior Design Awards – Retail Design: Finalist

We spent the afternoon with the couple behind Greene St, Natalie and Steve and talked all things wellness and design.




Maddison: So guys, thanks for taking some time to spend with us. The space is amazing!
Jordan: This totally wouldn't have been an overnight kind of thing, tell us more about the design journey getting here...

GS- Thanks guys! So lovely to have you visit! 
It still gives us goosebumps to reflect on the journey so far, Greene Street Juice Co. truly is our passion and personal journey. Little did we know it back then, but the Greene Street Juice Co. vision was in the making back in early 2012, when fate relocated us to 95 Greene Street in Soho, New York City. This was the beginning of a new way of life for us. The health scene in New York was pushing new boundaries and this inspired us. We both quickly found a love for organic cold pressed juices and a passion for a more balanced lifestyle for a healthy mind, body and spirit. It was here that Natalie left her legal career and got qualifications in both yoga teaching and integrative nutrition and organic juices became a daily staple for us.   

2 years later, we moved back to Melbourne and missed the ability to get a glass bottled, locally made, 100% organic cold pressed juice. So…we decided to take a big leap into the unknown and Greene Street Juice Co. came to life as a way of sharing our NYC experience back home. Greene Street Juice is a very obvious ode to the city that changed our lives for the better!

We opened our flagship elixir bar in Prahran in Sept 2014. (We have also just recently opened another store in Chadstone Shopping Centre in June 2017…exciting!)

Our vision for our flagship store was to create a unique and personal environment where customers could experience the same quality and passion that goes into making our elixirs. We worked with the team at Travis Walton Architecture to bring our vision to life and they were amazing! Travis understood what we wanted and then transformed this vision into the beautiful and inviting space that we get to share with our community everyday.

The space was awarded “International Store of the Year” in 2015 in the prestigious London-based Retail Week Design Awards. We were so proud about this little space in Prahran being recognized by the international design community! Other entrants in our Award category were the likes of Adidas, H&M, Nixon and Stuart Weitzman with flagship stores from across the globe.  

TMRW - So it all was because of Greene St hey? How much of Soho do you feel rubbed off on the Melbourne store?
GS - 
We adore Soho. It’s definitely our favourite NYC neighbourhood! Soho’s structural elements and essence is completely infused in the Prahran store – which includes a SoHo inspired “fire escape” ladder installation and a white steel frame. (We stopped traffic on busy Commercial Rd to get that steel frame into the space!). We balance the SoHo urban aesthetic with natural textures of timber and marble and our earthy, organic handmade elixirs. We love the juxtaposition this creates.

TMRW - Sometimes it's hard to get into the groove both creatively and physically - Do you have any tips for getting started with well-being? 
GS – 
For us, wellbeing is a package deal: mind, body + emotions. We actually recommend that you start with examining the “non-edible” items in life, and aim to:

1. surround yourself with relationships that nurture and inspire
2. serve in a "job" that you love and feeds your soul
3. have a consistent mindfulness practice [such as yoga or meditation]
4. regularly reconnect with nature
5. incorporate meaningful movement in your daily life [whatever it is that your body needs - a walk, yoga, run, fitness class...]  

Combine these 5 “primary foods” above with clean, pure, real food choices and you will be bursting with health and happiness. 

Tmrw - So, what does your perfect day look like, regardless of time, money or geography?
GS – 
Our guiding compass in life in general is “joy, ease and grace”. This is something that can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Moving through a day with ease and grace, guided by the pull of our heart as opposed to a rigid schedule, deadlines or demands is our idea of the perfect day.  


Tmrw - And finally, pretend you're hosting a morning hike followed by breakfast - dead or alive, who would you love to join you?
GS -
 This is a tough one. So many people! Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Ernest Hemmingway, Florence Scovel Shinn, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza…