Country Charm in the City with Project 49

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Project49. Collingwood, Australia.

Project49, is a modern Australian space thats embraces the heritage of the unique space they call home. Nestled among the converted warehouse district of Collingwood Victoria, Project49 brings something special to the area that shines a new light onto the ever crowded hospitality scene in the suburb. 

Inspired by the beauty that is regional Victoria, Rocco and Lisa of Project 49 explain that the underlying inspiration of the space was to bring a little bit of modern country flair to the area... You know, the kind of space that remembers your name, asks how you are going and then feeds you with a hand selected (and sometimes grown) array of produce. 

We sat down with Lisa and Rocco and talked design inspiration, the process of opening a new space while managing a farm, vineyard and family... all over a esspresso.

Maddison: So guys, thanks for taking some time to spend with us. This is a pretty damn amazing spot you have here!
Jordan: This totally wouldn't have been an overnight kind of thing, tell us more about the design journey getting here...

LISA: It’s been a great journey that all started on our farm in 2012. ‘49’ – where a commitment was planted to honour nature in everything we do. The time on our farm has taught us the importance of connecting to the land, growing organically & seasonally and living simply surrounded by family & friends. These values are the core of P49, and is what drives us. With this vision in mind we were able to find and connect to a place in Beechworth & now in Collingwood (107 Cambridge Street) both fit out’s with equal integrity. Remembering minimal intervention, simplicity and quality & less rather than more. Working with friends and close connections throughout this journey we have been able to establish a wine label, open a speciality store in Beechworth in 2015 & Collingwood in 2016..... We couldn’t have done it without these wonderful connections and our great team of loyal staff.


Maddison: How much of your country vibes has rubbed off onto the Collingwood space? And is a bit of the city influencing the Beechworth space too?
Lisa: Absolutely, we take the best of both worlds and combine both. Good old fashioned relaxed service from the country with a touch of edge and professionalism from the city.

Jordan: Rocco, Ive heard your a bit of a wine wizard... What is your perfect Sunday afternoon, meat board kinda wine? {just asking for a friend}- ROCCO:Sangiovese from North East Victoria, lightly structured; or a spicy Valpolicella from Vento. Both of them perfect wines to end the week.

Maddison: Lisa, when you're in Collingwood what do you miss the most about Beechworth
LISA: When I am in Collingwood I miss the big blue skies & starry nights of Beechworth, but most of all the connection to the land & how inspiring being on my farm is. And what in Beechworth do you miss about Collingwood? I miss the chaos of the city and being inspired by the ever changing people on the streets, their clothing, randomness and attitude.

Jordan: Finally, what should a person expect when visiting Project49?
LISA: Simplistic Detail with familiarity

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