Spacebound Flagship store and studios

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Spacebound, Melbourne Australia.

Nestled on the ever evolving Johnston Street in Collingwood you'll find a true breath of crisp fresh air called Spacebound. This modern concept store, layered in fresh white paint and glowing greens represents the HQ for the emerging streetwear brand Spacebound. Brought to you by Josh, the designer and Nick, the face of sales makes a team thats has all avenues covered.

Plus they are total legends.


TMRW - So you guys are a bit of a dream team... Design and Sales working together.... Can you intro each other to us?

Joshua Space - Yeah so Nick, if I remember correctly... I met him just as my girlfriend broke up with me, we were like 13 and have been mates even since, she now has a baby and we have a store so it sort of worked out. Nick’s across all things store/sales related, he also know’s shoes and feet inside out as he was a podiatrist for while!

Nick Koa - Josh is the creative side of Spacebound, he started the label and designed all things interior for the store, so he’s the brains behind the whole operation. Josh is a graphic designer, I think that’s what he says anyway. But I actually don’t know what he does half the time, he’s always on top of new brands and products. 


TMRW - Spacebound hey? What inspired the name and then the space?

JS - I’ve always been a little obsessed with Space, maybe because I had those 90’s glow in the dark stickers on my roof when I was a kid. The idea of always progressing and growing has been a personal obsession, hence Space “bound” ie. aiming as high as possible. I’ve also recently realised juxtapositions are reoccurring subject in my designs. Space and Bound happen to be opposites to each other. Kind of sums up the creative process I guess, you always want freedom and space to create, but are bound to some extent by certain limitations or applications; it’s that constant battle between the two.


TMRW - So that little door out the back is a little bit like the closest in Narnia, what else happens behind the door? {PG+13 only ha!}

JS - You did get a little sneak peak hey! We heard from the locals that it used to be a back alley gambling spot in the 80’s, so trying to keep that dream alive… but I run a design studio and sharespace out the back so it’s a bit of the crew of designers, photographers, stylists and developers – a nice mix of different creatives. 


TMRW - Whats next for Spacebound?

NK - At the moment we’re focusing heavily on bringing a lot more brands to the store, which we’re really excited about – some labels you will have heard of, and a bunch that will hopefully be there first time people have heard of them in AUS. 

JS - Yep, real excited for that! We’re constantly working on new products and projects. We have some exciting things in the pipeline over the next year for both the Store and Label, so keep an eye out.


TMRW - Sometimes it's hard to get into the groove both creatively and physically - What is your go to top 5 songs to get the wheels spinning?

JS - Currently listening to Vince Staples new Album, loving “7:45”! Damn this is hard, but today lets go with:

  • NxWorries - Droogs
  • Billy Davis - Ball and Chain (Melb)
  • Nyuon - Your City (Melb)
  • 2 Chainz - It’s a Vibe 
  • GoldLink - Crew


TMRW - Finally, what's your poison? it's our shout next!

SB - Got to send love to the local crew at Sample Brew, also from The 66 (Collingwood)


Listen to our Spacebound inspired Spotify PLaylist....