Stay by TMRW


We are living in a time of abundance, a time in history where travel is an achievable luxury for many of us. This has birthed the rise of at-home accommodation providers such as Air-Bnb which has disrupted the Hotel and Accommodation market providing never before seen opportunities for boutique accommodation.

Stay, by TMRW is a concept to provide high quality self contained accommodation solutions to venues, cities and individuals previously unable to compete in the hotel market.

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Across Australia there is 60 designated wine regions, that house 2468 wineries. Many of said wineries attract thousands of visitors and events that force attendees to find Accommodation nearby. Stay by TMRW aims to locate multiple spaces on wineries land. This may be achieved in various business model as explained in coming pages. 

Unique Spaces.
Australia is a diverse landscape that cannot be treated with a single vision. The wild oceans, sunburnt deserts, lush forests and winding valleys are homes to many forward thinking businesses and products that pay homage to the lands that give them inspiration. Stay by Tmrw aims to locate bespoke spaces across Australia in collaboration with tourism agencies and cities that showcase the landscape alongside the products found locally.

Private Land.
Stay by TMRW also aims to sell directly to home/land owners to add extra retreat space on existing proprieties.

The Opportunity

Australia’s tourism contributes $41.3 billion (2017) to
the economy. There were 9 million visitor arrivals for year
ending April 2018, an increase of 6.3% per cent
relative to the previous year. Leisure arrivals
(Holiday + VFR) continued to drive international arrivals
growth, with an increase of 7.4% per cent
over the 12 month period.

Many tourists only travel to Australia to uncover and
discover the natural landscapes and diverse food and wine
venues across the country that has an unrivaled reputation

Stays by TMRW aims to create beautiful short stay spaces
to showcase the natural Australian landscape, while
developing growing reputations of independent Australian
designers and creators.

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